IELTS writing task

Understand the importance of IELTS writing task

IELTS consists of four modules; reading, listening, speaking and writing. Each module has its own importance. The reading module usually consists of comprehensive paragraph for which the questions are given and we have to find the answer by reading the paragraph in detail. The listening module consists of a conversation, detail about something and we are only provided with the questions so we have to hear with full concentration to find and fill in the answers. The speaking module consists of an interview, in which they check our pronunciation and grammar and the phrase framing. In IELTS writing task, a person has to prepare for any kind of topic that can appear in the test, a short writing task; it can be a picture description or a graph, a long writing task i.e. an essay.

The IELTS test usually takes place in a big auditorium or hall where everyone all together attempt the test but speaking test takes place privately.

On an average people who are preparing for the IELTS test find the writing test usually difficult than the other modules. Writing task is also different from the other modules wherein the other three modules data is given and in writing we have to make it up from our own thought process. IELTS writing task needs a good vocabulary to score high or otherwise it can be done simply by just connecting and forming phrases or lines. IELTS writing task also involves understanding of the topic which is given, what is exactly asked and how to answer the same. While attempting, writing should be clear and neat; legible enough so that the person who checks your test can easily read and understand and give you marks accordingly. If your handwriting is not legible, marks can be compromised. One most important thing to be noted down is usually the time while attempting IELTS writing task, so you should always keep a watch on your time and divide it judiciously.