International English language Testing system.
There is no limit to take the test, you can take it as many times you need to improve your score.
IELTS is valid for 2 Years.
IELTS is applicable in Australia, New Zealand , Canada and Some universities of America.
Academic and General.
Those students who want to pursue their studies in foreign countries can take academic module.
Those people who want to settle permanently in foreign , they can take general module.
This is how your result will be read - in Band Scores. The marks obtained by you in each of the modules will be finally converted to a BAND which reads from 0-9. The interpretation is : Band 9 : Expert User Band 8 : Very Good User Band 7 : Good User Band 6 : Competent User Band 5 : Modest User Band 4 : Limited User Band 3 : Extremely Limited User Band 2 : Intermittent User Band 1 : Non User
A.Well,the conversion table varies with the difficulty level of the exam. For e.g. in a difficult exam you might need to score 34 out of 40,while if the exam was an easy one, u might need 36 out of 40 to get a band score of 7.This is just an example to make you understand that test converters vary with each test. However, We have summarized an average break up scores for each band,just to help you practice getting the target scores: Score (Band) 1 (1) 2-3 (2) 4-9 (3) 10-15 (4) 16-22 (5) 23-28 (6) 29-35 (7) 36-38 (8) 39-40(9)
You will have 2 options left then: a)Ask for re evaluation : ask your test center for how exactly can u appeal for a re evaluation b)Reappear the test : U can reappear the test not before 90 days of your previous test date.