I.E.L.T.S is the test which checks the English language proficiency of the test takers in all the four modules.



Now the question is that what the test demands and are we giving it for the test.

We are sure that 50-70% students have not been aware of criterion of the test, although,they have appeared a number of times.
Do we need to blame the candidates or the institution?

There is something missing in their performance which needs to be delivered to the students to make them achieve their target. So, AOL has been doing this since in formative days, enlightening and making aware the candidates, what to learn? And what to deliver?

If you are going to take IELTS first time

Do take it into your consideration that the actual criteria for IELTS Test has to be fulfilled so as to be among the top rankers.

Please refer to the I.E.L.T.S Test criteria attached herewith.



      Who got success?

      Who got success?

      Refer to our result section for spotting successful candidates.
      Course duration
      30 days/ Grammar Basic +Advanced
      30 days/ speaking, writing, Reading / Listening
      Movers :-
      10 days-- Advanced Grammar

      30days -- Speaking/ Writing/ Polishing

      30 days—Reading/ listening/ Polishing

      + FREE 2 days Accent Improvement Classes

      If you are taking Test second time or More

      What is more important?
      Speaking- Avoid repetition, long Pauses, use the right tone of English.
      Writing- Precise vocabulary, progression, sophisticated language is mandatory.
      Reading- Answer finding has to be appropriate, skimming should be followed.
      Listening- Building understanding, Defensive strategies
      For more information read Free IELTS Tips.
      More than 20 students have improved scores with AOL with a overall change of +1, 0.5
      AOL believes in rigorous training less number of students for better focus and implementation of teaching Techniques. We are so much sure of Quality of our teaching of our teaching that we guarantee it.
      Otherwise candidate can claim his money back.