How to Clear IELTS Speaking Test- A Beginner’s Guide

How to Clear IELTS Speaking Test- A Beginner’s Guide
The IELTS has a reputation of intimidating many non speakers of English, while it may not be as difficult to crack. Such intimidation may be a result of lack of confidence, fear of saying something wrong, or both of these. Following are some tips that will pose as a beginner’s digest on how to clear IELTS speaking test.

Know The Format
First and foremost, know the format of the speaking test. It generally lasts anywhere between 11 to 14 minutes. This time can be further broken down as follows:

– 4 to 5 minutes about the participant
– 3 to 4 minutes about the topic
– 4 to 5 minutes of conversation

What are the Focus Areas?
One needs to primarily work on four major aspects to learn how to clear IELTS speaking test:
1.       Fluency and Coherence: One’s ability to speak smoothly and at an appropriate speed without unnatural pauses.
2.       Lexical Resource:  The accuracy and range of vocabulary.
3.       Grammatical Range and Accuracy: Usage of grammar and degree of accuracy.
4.       Pronunciation: Being clear and understandable.

What are the additional tips?
Following are some additional important tips drafted by Academy of Languages on how to clear IELTS speaking test with a high score:
Practicing speaking in front of the mirror has proven to aid in better understanding of one’s strengths and shortcomings. Once these two factors are clear, the participant can make conscious efforts to eliminate shortcomings and work harder on his/ her strengths.
It can be difficult to speak for 15 minutes straight, especially if English is a new language. But, taking smaller steps will eventually pool up to make a huge difference.
Recording audios during speaking practice is another great way of acquiring immediate feedback on your performance and analyse it.
Lastly, reading out loud will aid in better comprehensive understanding of how the language truly works.

Academy of Languages is known for training students on how to clear IELTS speaking test using not only the above mentioned tips and tricks, but also catering to individual student needs for better results.