How to Clear IELTS for Canada- The AOL Way!

How to Clear IELTS for Canada- The AOL Way!
With rising competition and emerging opportunities to study abroad, cracking IELTS is becoming difficult by the day. However, the following tips on how to clear IELTS for Canada will surely give an added advantage.
Do Your Homework!
Researching about different universities in Canada that hold relevance will allow you to determine and aim for a well defined target score. With a set goal in mind, all one needs is proper training and the right guidance to prepare and understand how to clear IELTS for Canada.
Know Yourself
Secondly, a detailed SWOT analysis of where your English proficiency skills lie is necessary. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will prove very helpful in getting a clear picture of all the areas that you excel in, as well as, the areas you need to put more efforts in. Once the SWOT analysis is done, it will provide you with a tentative start point to figure out how to clear IELTS for Canada.
Write. It. Down.
Lastly, once the SWOT analysis is done, jot down a detailed study plan to stick to until the exam date. Below are few tips that will aid in making the study plan fool proof and workable.
We generally tend to target for unrealistic goals when making a study plan. Hence, it is advised to not get overly ambitious and keep some leisure time.
The 90 minute rule suggests that a human brain can efficiently stay focused on the task at hand for 90 minutes. Allotment of study tasks upto 90 mins at a time will enhance your grasping power.
Lastly, write every detailed step in your plan down on a paper. This will help with better review and revision of the plan.
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