Free Reading tips for IELTS Test

Chapter 1 Reading

International English Language Testing System has four modules for testing the English Skills of candidates.Since it is not an easy test so test takers have to undergo some difficulties to prepare it. Some of the  problems of the test Takers are being discussed below module wise.

Reading — The text of reading can be taken from any article , research findings or literal context which has questions to ask namely .Yes , No  , N.G , Matching the following , Blanks etc

While reading the text the candidate faces the following problems…..

1 Confusion to find the answers .

2 Vocabulary understanding

3 Time management

4 Difficulty in understanding the languages used.

Here we will discuss about the Confusion to find the answers

Lets suppose there is a description in the text

Man and the machine have together simplified the day to day tasks of life but whom the credit goes  is actually to be thought . Is it the effort of man who created the machine and made it capable to work for humans ? or is it the machine which after being made ; Made man capable to  work for himself.

The contribution has been of both together otherwise without presence of each of them the mechanical revolution had not been there.

Q1 Give heading to the above given paragraph.

1 What caused mechanical revolution.
2 Man made machine
3 Machines work for humans
4 Man and machine are same

5 Identic Contribution

That is the Answer To the Above Given Question

1   In this option we can find the word mechanical revolution in the para but it is not the heading of the paragraph since  it is not the reason of the writing.

2 Similarly Man made machine but again it is not the message
3 The content shows the machines work for humans but focus is something less
4 It seems  fourth is the right answer but it is not since there is no way man and machine can be same and that has not been mentioned

5 But fifth is the right one because this is the central point of the paragraph and that is what the writer wants to convey , it was vague because of the vocabulary word identic which means  same.

So this is the first aspect of confusion that has been  discussed for the candidates .

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