IELTS Golden rule of article 1

1 Articles A/AN                 are being used to describe the job of people

e.g My neighbour is an air hostess

During my tour to Miami I met a man who was a doctor

His nephew is an inspector with intelligence.

IELTS Golden rule of article 2

2 Articles A/AN/THE are used for singular and countable nouns

Articles A/AN are used to talk about something that is vague or not definite.

I saw an animal on the road.       The person does not know which animal he saw.

Here is a fool who does not know how to drive .     The person does not who the driver is

Will you like to read a book ?                                        It is not a particular book.

But on the contrary THE is used for talking certain things.

We are going to buy the sprawling house.                     The house is known already.

Where is the book you read ?                                    The person knows which book he is talking about.

IELTS Golden rule of article 3

3 No article is used for talking about normal things.

Night comes after day.

Boys run fast.

Animals eat flesh.

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