There has been a resounding question that how can one achieve 7 bands in speaking with intonation which has several factors contributing for it but the most significant one is the intonation.Intonation is the only one factor that makes the speaking very effective and appealing to the listener that is the reason it is required for IELTS 7 bands speaking
Intonation also adds feelings to the content like excitement , monotony , interrogation etc. in other words it can be considered the soul of speaking.
Intonation patterns are of three types-
High tone — With the pitch of voice ascending from beginning to the end , going higher from the lower .
Low tone — With the pitch of voice descending from beginning to the end , going lower from higher.
High low tone — With the pitch of voice in combination of the two tones mixed with lower and higher tone.
The lack of intonation makes the speaking flat thus the target of IELTS 7 bands speaking can not be achieved.

Now there is a question how can be intonation learned but none of the descriptions are being given for that . But nothing is to worry if a candidate practices the intonation patterns in the training of a good teacher only then he can have the knowledge of it otherwise self efforts and cognitive exercises are not enough to bring it to the brim.

The academies of IELTS training do claim to help getting IELTS 7 BANDS SPEAKING still nothing is done there to add the exclusive features to improve the band scores.

So it is not difficult to get IELTS 7 BANDS SPEAKING if one endeavors to do so wholeheartedly and with the help of an expert trainer,

Happy Learning.

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