Get fluency in Ielts test

Fluency has been major aspect which is being checked in the ielts test and it is mandatory to get 7+ Bands.
At the first level if the candidate is able to express his thoughts at a moderate level of fluency
that helps him to get 5+ bands but if the given description is not found in his speaking and candidate takes frequent pauses
then the Band scores are likely to decline and be in the range of 4 bands.Now the question rises how to get fluency in ielts test.
Candidates who come from good English speaking background demonstrate better flow of thoughts since they have a stronger base
and their thought generation matches with the speed of speaking which is called fluency in ielts test so this type of people can be scoring more than 6 bands
and even 7 bands.

Fluency should not be taken as speaking faster and faster or rushing while speaking , which can be a cause of decline in ielts bands, a moderately speaking candidate
can also get higher band score if he reduces the number of pauses and has a complete control on his tongue.

Thinking and speaking in the speed is the key to get fluency in ielts test and also to get 7+ bands in the test.the requirement of fluency is being approved by British council video below.

We hope you learnt –How to get fluency in Ielts test

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