Vocabulary for IELTS Week-1

These  words are very useful for  I.E.L.T.S , Spoken English and General English Usage.

Know the Physical Appearance in English—
Scrawny — A Thin Person with Bones visible
Lanky — A Thin Person , who is tall
Corpulent – A Fat Guy
Portly — A Person with Fat stomach and Chest
Stout — A Pearson with Fat solid body.
Gangling — A Man , Boy with Thin long Arms.

Types of Books—
Memoirs—A Book Based on Celebrities Life
Anthology – A book with Poems and short stories.
Journal — A Publication with Articles, research etc
Compendium—A book in detail About a Subject.
Manual – A Technical book with instructions.
Log book – A book to monitor time, events etc.

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